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Towel Care


Do not mix towels with poly cotton or cotton fabrics during washing or tumble drying. Make sure your towels do not come into contact with cleaning products containing bleach.
Facial cleansers and skin treatments contain benzoyl peroxide which can also damage towels.


Separate white/light/dark colors. Use detergent without optical brighteners for best results.
Avoid using fabric softeners in every wash because they reduce the absorbency of the towels.
Do not overfill the washing machine: we recommend you fill it to 60% capacity.
Most stains will be removed at a maximum temperature of 60c. Use a long spin cycle and remove the towels from the washing machine as soon as possible to minimize creasing.


Do not overfill the tumble drier.
Remove towels from dryer when 95 to 97 percent dry.
Avoid extremely hot drying temperatures.